Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Words - Finally!

Matthew being silly

The boys are finally starting to say real words! Or I am finally able to understand them. They have been jabbering up a storm, but I haven't been able to make sense of much.

Today Matthew said "bye" to me about 50 times as he shut the door on me about 50 times ;) (I opened it, and we made it a game).

The other words the boys say. The word first.. and then their pronunciation.
Cheese -- "Chi" or "sss"
Ball -- "baaall"
Bye -- "bah"
Please -- "peace"
Uh oh -- "uh oh" (that one is by far their favorite"
Thank you -- "dank do"
Banana -- "boo-tah"
Book -- "buh"
Boo -- "boo"

The most common way they communicate is the classic point and "da".

Saying "bye"

Saying "banana"

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