Friday, October 19, 2012

Cross Country Trip / Big Boy Bed

We recently went on a two week car trip to Gatlinburg, TN (one week for the Feast), Kentucky and Nashville, TN. The kids actually behaved surprisingly well during the many, many hours in the car. Relatively well. They did get to watch as much TV as they wanted on Alan's iPad (which we only allow in 30 min segments usually).

We stayed with both sets of grandparents, my brother & his family, and my cousin and her family in a cabin in Gatlinburg. It was fantastic. Our happy family:
Adam on left (with red shoes)

In Kentucky:
Daddy & Matthew contemplating nature on my Grandma's land
In Nashville:

Adam looking guilty
Matthew looking grown up

The boys sleeping in a hotel bed.
 As I have previously mentioned, the boys have been crowded onto one crib size mattress in their toddler bed. (They had two separate beds, but wanted to sleep together.) I have been wanting to move them somewhere bigger, but they seemed so happy/were not complaining about the cramped quarters. I was scared to change their routine because it was working. But every night when I put them to bed, I just felt guilty that they had no room.

So, after we returned from our trip, I disassembled and removed both cribs from their room (bitter sweet...they have been there since I was about 25 weeks pregnant) and made the futon into a bed for them. I cuddled right beside them instead of from the floor. It was wonderful.

Night one: Matthew woke up 3 times crying, "Mommyy! Daddyy! ... Mommy?"
Night two: Matthew woke up 1 time, "Mommyy!"
Night three: Success!
Night four: Success again!!
The boys' fifth night in their very own big boy bed. (I need to get them their own sheets and pillows.. still in progress :P)
I love taking pictures of my boys sleeping :) Happy Fall everyone!