Sunday, May 25, 2014

Simple things that made me happy today

Things that made me happy today:

1) Family yard work day. Love working with our hands together as a family. We trimmed the bushes,  added red mulch to the front flower beds, mowed the front yard, fertilized the new grass in front, built another square foot garden and planted carrots and two kinds of lettuce in it, added leaves to the big garden area to create a covered "walkway" between the 2 square foot gardens and the other plants and planted two blueberry shrubs. Felt great to be productive. When I am on a real computer I will post pics. I am so happy with our garden this year.
2) Strawberries, tomatoes and zucchini are growing in our garden. Yay!
3) All kids asleep by 6pm. (Apparently yard work wears them out.)
4) Alan had LAN game night with some of his guy friends, so I had alll evening to myself. I watched Avatar while I did laundry and sorted the lost socks that have been accumulating. (Yeah, sad, but I was just excited to have time to myself to do something without talking to anyone ;p) I also finished up my Pilates X workout from this morning, showered, and did other cleaning. Ahhh, quiet time. It has been desperately missing from my life since the boys have mostly stopped taking naps!

Good day :)