Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being a Mom

It completely turns your world upside down. Your life changes forever, your world-view shifts. Motherhood.
Adam at the pumpkin patch last month
I believe the newborn period is like an "initiation" into motherhood. A crash course on not coming first. On caring for another's well-being more than your own.
For some moms it can be painful (ie: for me), because we were more selfish than we realized, and it can be hard giving up all of that "me time".

Matthew at the pumpkin patch
But the rewards are amazing. Precious, wide-eyed, new humans discovering the world under our guidance and teaching. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, cries of "Mommy!" when they see us, or want us to watch them "show off" :) Giggles, sounds of little feet running through the house, watching them learn new words and new concepts. Seeing them interact with other people.
Adam giving us "the look"
"Parenting"/correction kicks in almost as soon as our little ones learn to crawl, and for us, our 2 year olds are constantly testing their boundaries. It can be exhausting sometimes. I do wish moms wouldn't judge each other (or my personal pet peeve, when non-parents judge parents). What parents need is support and encouragement, not judgment. We may have different philosophies, but we are all doing our best, and learning a lot on the way.
Adam and Matthew with their Mario & Luigi sheets in their big boy bed.
These little ones depend on us for all of their needs. It is humbling and amazing. I love being a mom to my two little stinkers :)