Thursday, January 5, 2012

They Could Probably Do Anything...

...And I would think it was cute.
Playing on our new piano? Probably reducing the life expectancy of the instrument by months with every keystroke....
Definitely cute (Adam in front).
As is (Adam) eating a sticky apple in his dressy new suit. /\
I also think things are cute like them running away from me and laughing when I am trying to put their clothes on, their love of finding dirt and getting completely dirty by digging in it, and today, Adam finding a kitchen tong and then following me in to the bathroom and trying to grab my leg with it. That last one was so unexpected I just laughed out loud.
Yeah they could do anything and I would think it was cute. I am pretty sure this is a parenting flaw. But regardless, I am loving these age, they are so sweet. Even if they are little trouble makes.
Other updates:
The boys have been weaned for 2.5 weeks now. I can't believe it's been that long. Both boys have asked to nurse twice each (By doing the "nurse" sign and pulling down my shirt. Thankfully always at home :P). That was really, really sad, but they were easily distracted. Two of those times were because I was slow giving them their cups of milk. They love their warm milk in their sippy cups, and it is easier to cuddle with both of them than the double football nursing hold. So I am not sad I weaned them...... most of the time :P
The boys are loving the YMCA where I workout. They have a Kid Zone that is included in the gym membership where I drop the boys off for an hour a few times a week while I go to a class or run on the treadmill. I spy on the boys after I drop them off, and before I pick them up, and they are always playing happily. (Ever since the first 2 weeks we went... the boys only last 15 minutes most of those times). They even go play with other kids, but they always come back to each other. As soon as they see me, all bets are off and they want me to pick them up right away. I love having my hour in the morning to work out, makes the day so much better!
I have been looking through the boys' old pictures and getting nostalgic. Here is a picture from when they were 11 months and fell asleep nursing. Each stage has been cute, but the 15/16 month age is still my favorite!