Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Months - Milestones at Different Times

Our precious boys, Adam & Matthew. 7 1/2 months, in the bluebonnets.

What a journey parenthood has been. Both of our boys are so sweet, and (if they are napped, fed, paid attention to, etc) usually pretty happy babies. I always find it amazing, especially when I am not feeling like the best mom, that I can just look at them, and they smile back. They love their Momma so much, which I love :) Their other favorite people are Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and Granny Bee. And they love flirting with the ladies, of course (babies to adults) :)

We now have one talker and one crawler. But neither baby is doing both. It is interesting to see identical boys developing at different times.

Adam (The Sweet Boy):

  • Words: First to say a word! Says dada, dad, a-dada, dadada-dad, and every other variation of "dada" all day long. Still not a single ma.
  • Sleep: Has become our good sleeper, almost always goes to sleep on his own for naps. (I still usually nurse both to sleep at night.)
  • Solid Food: Loves it. He by FAR eats more than Matthew. I gave him his first finger foods (along with Matthew) today. He liked it okay, but he still likes the pureed better.
  • Movement: Very good at sitting up. Goes to belly from sitting, can get on all fours & rock back & forth. Can stand for a few seconds while holding on to something. No actual crawling yet.
Matthew (The Wild Boy):
  • Vocal: Has not officially said his first word, but loves to make different noises. Also loves to stick his tongue out, which is adorable.
  • Sleep: I think I have spoiled Matthew a little, because a few months ago he stopped going to sleep on his own, and would flip over & cry at nap time. So now I often let him fall asleep in his walker that I wheel around the house before nap time. Sometimes he does go to sleep on his own in the crib, but he usually (not always) cries himself to sleep.
  • Solid Food: Matthew seems to be growing tired of the pureed food. He has been rejecting it lately, but he wouldn't take finger food either. Until today! He had some puffs and some cut up grapes, and he loved it. I had to feed it to him, but he sure did try to put it in his own mouth.
  • Movement: He is our first crawler! Also can stand holding on to something for a few seconds. I knew he was going to be the first to crawl, because he was getting so frustrated when he wanted to reach a toy but was too far away. He tried so hard to move for weeks, and he finally got it.
Matthew around the time he first crawled. We were enjoying a Sabbath picnic in the park.Adam & Matthew (in that order) sleeping in the stroller. It's amazing how they often sleep in the same positions, especially in the carseats & strollers. (Oh, and Hobbes also snuck into the picture.)