Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sad Day

Today at work, one of the babies I was taking care of died :( 

She had begun to get really sick, so after several interventions we transported her to a higher-acuity hospital. She was coding when she got there, and died shortly thereafter.

It is emotionally draining to go through this. I am really glad I have at least 2 days off to cool down. I just feel bad for the family :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bible Reading Program

My family (brothers, sister-in-law, parents, husband) and I have decided to begin reading the Bible from cover to cover on a set schedule. We are planning to use the schedule and the commentary from the Bible Reading Program from our church, the United Church of God. Here's the link:

I am really excited about starting this with my family! I have not been good about studying the Bible lately, and having a plan to read through it is exciting. My dad and I actually read through this program for about a year and a half, but that was 7 years ago, and I was interrupted with dating, college, etc. I don't think it will do any harm to re-read some of it :) My brother Daniel set up an online Google Spreadsheet for us, so we can check off when we have read that days' scripture & commentary -- and everyone can see that we've checked it off. That way we have some accountability to each other!

I am hoping this will be a great tool to help us learn a lot about the Bible, and be able to discuss the Bible together, since we will be reading the same parts at the same time.