Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trip with Sick Kiddos

I had my first experience with a really sick baby last week. Not seriously sick, like rush to the emergency room sick. But fever for 5 days (up and down), and sleeping all day (while nursing constantly). This was while we were on a trip to Branson, Missouri.
BUT, it didn't ruin the trip. Probably mostly because we stayed in a sweet 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom condo WITH both sets of grandparents. Which means plenty of people to watch baby #2 while I napped with and nursed Matthew. Actually it was just how I envisioned life with one newborn baby ;) Matthew was so lethargic from the fever he slept almost all day for 2-3 days. He would wake up long enough to re latch and go back to sleep. But I was still able to get out for 2-4 hours a day and leave him with the grandparents, because his fever would go up and down. (Ranging from 99.1 - 102.8). Here is the first morning he woke up with a fever of 102.8:
Poor, sweet baby. I'm so sad, you had a fever and felt so yucky, but THANK YOU for all the baby cuddles. As a twin mom, one on one baby cuddles are hard to come by, and so, so precious. After Matthew's fever broke the morning we drove home, he developed a rash the next day that lasted two days. I think he had Roseola. (common and not serious). Here is a little bit of the rash:
And here is Matthew feeling a little better (this is actually between the fever and the rash):
Adam was also sick while we were gone. His was more congestion. We had a scare one night when I checked on him because he cried. When I went in his room, his breathing was really labored (think Darth was that bad :-/). I took him to our bedroom and turned on the light. That's when I noticed pretty serious substernal retractions :( I started to panic and imagining him going into respiratory failure... thinking there wasn't even a pulse ox or blow by O2 I could easily give him.... I contemplated calling 911 to have access to some oxygen (NICU nurse thinking..) but I knew if we went to the ER he would most likely get poked and prodded. So (after counting his respirations, and making sure it was withing the normal respiratory rate for a 14 month old), we turned on the shower and made him a sauna. I also let him smell Vicks Salve to open up his sinuses. Alan and I also prayed together for him. After close to an hour, his breathing returned to normal, and I relaxed and stopped constantly contemplating calling 911. We tried letting him sleep in our bed with us, but he is not at all used to this, and he thought it was a game. So, I put him back in his crib in his room, and he slept the rest of the night with no problems. Altogether we were up from 2-4am with him. Here is is feeling better:
When we returned from the trip, both kids were very clingy, and demanding to nurse all the time (which they really don't do... because we usually have set times for nursing). It's probably because they weren't 100% yet, but I also think they prefer one on one nursing. So does mommy, but it is not possible most of the time! But today as I was nursing them before bed, I took turns resting my head on each of their heads, and we cuddled that way. I really did not realize how many cuddles I was missing out on! I am planning on making that a priority from now on.
Both kiddos are back to their normal, healthy selves now, yay!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Thoughts

  • I think the most romantic thing my husband can do for me is clean the house while I am putting the babies to bed. I hate, hate HATE doing chores after the babies are in bed, and tonight I didn't have a chance to clean the kitchen before the babies went down, so I was dreading it. When I finished putting the babies to bed, not only was the kitchen clean & the highchairs wiped down, but Alan was busy cleaning up the living room & game room too :)
  • I hate doing chores after the babies go to bed so much, that lately I have been waking up about an hour before the babies get up so I can clean the house. This only works once your kiddos start sleeping through the night :) (At least for me). Actually it is pretty refreshing to get up before the babies.
  • I came up with the idea of having a half-iversary with Alan. May is way too far away for an excuse to have a night away :) So, in November we may have our first night away, woohoo.
  • The kiddos are down to one nap a day just about every day now. So far I like the new schedule pretty well. They tried to do this around 1 year, but then they got sick and went back to two naps a day.
  • We are still breastfeeding 3-4 times a day. But they also get lots of whole milk too, because my plan was to start weaning nursing times, but now they just get both. (Don't think I am producing much though, since I stopped pumping at work). Not sure when we are going to wean. I feel like it was so much effort to get breastfeeding going, I am not in a hurry to stop.
  • I am ending every day completely and utterly exhausted taking care of 2 thirteen month olds! This month is officially harder than months 7-12. Just when I felt I finally had the hang of parenting, all of the challenges changed! It is not so constant, but when they are awake, it is intense! (Can be a really good intense or a frustrating intense). We have had to step up the time outs. The boys do smile & laugh with each other (which is the cutest thing EVER), but almost as often they fight & steal from each other :( The cry of the baby who is stolen from sounds just like a cry of physical pain, it is so sad! Occasionally they do share... last weekend Adam ripped up a paper towel, and then started giving the pieces to Matthew. Then Matthew gave them back to Adam, and it went back and forth. It was seriously precious. Then today Adam didn't want to give his water bottle to Matthew, but I told him to share, and tipped the bottle towards Matthew. So Matthew drank for quite some time while Adam tipped the bottle towards and away from him :)
  • On the other side, they are both showing more affection for me :) They are able to express themselves better than ever, and the things they like most are being held by momma, fed by momma, played with by momma or just being in the general vicinity as momma :) They both make me laugh every single day with some of games they play with me & each other, and the antics they pull. They have seriously stolen my heart :)