Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finally Four!

Adam and Matthew - the boys that made me a Mommy and Alan a Daddy - turned 4 this month! I can't believe it!

4 is an age I've been looking forward to. More independent play, more sitting still, more creativity more back and forth conversation, more listening to Mom and Dad, etc. I do love the stage the boys are in now. They are getting so smart, and they say new, clever things all the time. 

Activities: Watercolors, reading with an adult, reading alone (looking at the pictures), writing letters on the computer, using the paint program on the computer, using a screwdriver

Colors: Adam - Red
            Matthew - Blue
             (They will not accept a sippy cup that is not their color!)

Foods: Milk in sippy cups, yogurt, fruit, eggs, bread with butter (Matthew) or honey (Adam), honey & lemon tea, dessert of all kids

Adam: He loves affection, and is always asking for hugs. However, he is in a stage where he does not want kisses at all. But he is very generous with his kisses to us :) He's our sensitive one, and we often hear "You made me sad" when we tell him no. He loves anything outdoors and active.

Matthew: He is our servant hearted boy. He is first to want to help out, and Adam will ask Matthew to do his chores for him. Matthew will help Adam out, but I've been trying to make sure Adam does his own chores (putting his dishes in the sink, clothes in the dirty clothes, etc.) Matthew can get frustrated and lash out, especially at Adam while playing Mario Bros! 

Both of our boys are so loving, and we give them lots of love in return!

A few months ago, Alan let them play the original Mario Bros. on the old NES system. It has become their favorite thing to do. "Can we play the Mario game? Please? We really want to." So of course they wanted a Mario and Luigi themed birthday party. Matthew loves Mario, and Adam's favorite is Luigi.

We put up stickers in the dining room. The boys were so cute describing the scene to us.

"The shoot (bullet) is going to kill Luigi."
"They need to get the flower so they can boom (with the fireballs) the shoot."
"What happens when Mario jumps on the white bad guy (Boo, the ghost)?"
"Mario's losing his lunch!" (The mushroom is falling into the hole)
"The big green thing (Yoshi) is going to save the day!"

They also got to help put Mario and Luigi stickers up in their room.
 They were so happy to finally be four! This year they had been focused on their birthday for months! (Matthew in blue, Adam in black/yellow.)

 My mom and I made Mario and Luigi cakes that the boys really loved!

I made an obstacle course with pipes, Goombas (made from balloons with paper plate feet) and Bowser (Daddy).

 The  participants got a "Question Mark Box" with goodies inside!

Opening presents. They love their watches from Daddy!

The books were some of their favorite presents! We actually had to pull them away from the books to open the rest of their presents.

The Kiddos! 

Our Family <3 td="">
Happy Birthday boys. We love you so much.