Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute Things my Kids Do... Part 3

17 Month olds do the most endearing things. Here are a few from the last few weeks:
  • I sat Adam on the counter by the sink. He immediately turned the faucet on, grabbed my toothbrush and ran it under the water, then started brushing his teeth. When I asked him to put the toothbrush down, he tried to get soap to wash his hands. Then he grabbed a brush and started brushing his hair. Such a hygenic boy.
  • Matthew grabbed a book today (5 silly monkeys), sat on my lap, and started thumping his head. (Imitating how I always thump his head when the silly monkey "falls off the bed and bumps his head")"
  • Adam grabbed my hand and started slapping it against his cheek before nap time. At first I was confused, then I remembered nap time the day before I had used both hands to squeeze his cheeks over and over and he thought it was hilarious. He only had one hand to work with, so slapping it against his cheek was his recreation :)
  • Nap time cuddles make up for all the trouble these boys can cause (Matthew bit a girl at the YMCA this week)
  • Matthew said "poopy" after I said, "you have a poopy!" Then he said it on demand all day... he doesn't say anything on demand! (without having the object right there). I had him demonstrate his skill for Alan when he got home, Alan was very impressed. I overheard him saying, "can you say poopy??" while he was giving the boys a bath.
  • Adam & Matthew running back in forth in front of their cribs before bedtime, while Alan and I watched and cuddled on the futon in their room. Alan would point at a boy and say "go" and he would take off. Then they started pointing and saying "go" too:) We just watched them run back and forth (and chase Lucy (one of our cats) around) for about 15 minutes. Pure bliss.

  • After I had tucked them in tonight, but before I had finished saying goodnight, Matthew started waving bye, accompanied with "bye!" bye!" Okay, I will let you go to sleep :)
  • They found a whole bottle of honey and poured a lot on the floor and started playing with it.
Love those little stinkers.

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