Friday, February 17, 2012

First Haircut

At 17 months, 3 weeks (2/10/12), the boys finally got their first haircut! I had to beg my sweet husband to let me cut off the boys' little curls in the back. He thought the curls were cute; I just wanted to shave them off! Finally he gave me permission.

I cut Adam's hair, and Alan cut Matthew's hair. We used an electronic trimmer with guards, so it was actually pretty impossible to mess up. But it was still scary.

They were both so good. Adam waiting:

Adam's hair getting shaved off :)
Matthew waiting his turn:
Matthew before (left) and Adam after
Daddy cutting Matthew's hair. Matthew actually did really well, but I didn't grab a picture until the very end.
I would recommend that parents don't use the ear trimmers that come with the package. They are meant for adults, and I shaved some hair around Adam's ear that wasn't supposed to be shaved. Whoops :(

Other than that, we are pleased with the results!

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