Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Olivia is the best little sleeper.

This morning I took the boys to story time at the library (a puppet show!) and a nearby splash park, all while Olivia was sleeping peacefully in her stroller/car seat. She slept through the talking puppets, the 30ish kids screaming in delight, Adam having a breakdown because Matthew got to pet the puppet dog, but he didn't. She slept through the 3 trips to the potty the boys took while we were out. She slept through the (extreme) heat at the splash park. She didn't wake up until we were almost home.
Story time today
Story time last week.
While she may not always be this oblivious to noise, but she is night and day from the twins and this age and it made me think...if she were my first baby, I would have had a more gentle transition into parenthood. (More gentle than the twin tornadoes that slept 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time, not always at the same time, and cried while they were awake unless they were nursing.) But I wouldn't have developed the same empathy for other moms of difficult kids or moms of multiples. I wouldn't have grown in the same ways. And of course I wouldn't have two of the loves of my life, Adam and Matthew.

They challenge me every single day, but they are sweet down to their very core.

Like this morning, I hit my head on the couch (being clumsy). Alan just made fun of me, but Matthew was immediately concerned, and kissed my forehead. ("Got hurt on the couch, Mommy?" Then Adam (who had been in the tub), jumped out, ran to the freezer and brought me a cold pack, which he applied to my forehead himself, saying, "Feel better, Mommy?"

Or today when Adam was having a breakdown about missing out on petting the puppet dog, he couldn't seem to calm himself down. Finally he said, "Mommy, need hug!" and melted into my arms.

Or when they say, "My slept good" after naptime or in the morning and then crawl into my arms :)

I have read that the sweetest kids can often be the most difficult babies. I feel this is true with Adam and Matthew.

Olivia... my easy baby. She is my sweet heart, and I am convinced she will stay sweet. I am so thankful to have a cuddly newborn. I cherish every single moment with her. So far there has only been one moment I really felt exasperated with her, and that was she stayed up until 2am (really my fault because I let her sleep all day without any awake times.) She seems to grow every time she wakes up from her naps, and I just want her to slow. down. ! I am so glad we decided to have just one more. I am soaking up my precious moments with my singleton little girl. 

Sabbath dress. 6 1/2 weeks.

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