Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun to Watch...

Photo: One of our sunflowers has grown taller than the house :-0
Matthew in blue, Adam in red. That sunflower is taller than our roof!

The boys are going to turn 3 next month, and are starting to talk more and more. I can really see their little brains working on figuring out their world. It's fun to watch them grow :)

I've been writing down some of the cute/smart things they say:


Adam: (about Olivia) Came out of Mommy's tummy!
Me: Yes, she came out of mommy's tummy!
Matthew: Like me!

(So smart!)

(We lock the boys' room from the outside at night, so they can't get into things while we are asleep. One morning they broke out, and I found their clock on the ground of their room with it's hands missing. Their daddy asked them about this.)
Alan: Why did you break your clock?
Adam: Need key for the door!


(This was as I was strapping the kids in their car seats, after we shopped at Whole Foods. The boys rode around in a shopping cart made for kids, equipped with steering wheels for them to "steer" the cart. They liked it.)

Matthew: My happy
Me: Awww **hug**

Adam: My sad
Me: Oh no. **hug**
Adam: My happy again.



(Adam had locked the door of the bathroom)
Matthew: (Completely on his belly, trying to look under the door) Poopy, Adam?
Adam: (Says something unintelligible)
Matthew: (Sounding excited) Lots of poopy??


Alan likes to call Olivia, "Olivier" (pronounced Oliv-E-A)
Alan: Hi Olivier!
Matthew: (very forceful) NO! We-ya!!


Matthew: (Running around the house, obviously proud of himself/) I made a yucky!!!
Me: You did??
Matthew: Yep!! Come see!!!


Adam and Matthew both spontaneously say, "She's so cute!!" when they see Olivia. I love it!!
Olivia at 6 weeks old.

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