Wednesday, April 3, 2013

27/28 Weeks

At my almost 28 week midwife appointment, I only had a 25cm fundal measurement, or 25 weeks. I had also only gained 1 pound in the last 3 weeks (according to their scales at least). My midwife was a little concerned since I also have hypothyroidism, which can cause slow growth/IUGR in a fetus. All of my thyroid levels have been good though. I also went over a day's worth of my food intake (which happened to be the day before when I was working.. I usually eat less those days), and she told me I need to eat more. So I was a little concerned after I left the appointment, thinking I was starving poor Olivia. Adam and Matthew do steal a lot of my food!

The midwife office set me up with an appointment with a perinatologist to do a growth ultrasound. The next week at 28 weeks, 5 days we headed out for our ultrasound.The boys have never come with me to an appointment, but I thought it would be neat for them to see an ultrasound of the baby inside momma's tummy. Matthew ended up waking up on and off until 1:30am the night before complaining of his ear hurting, so we decided not to bring him & his germs. But Alan and Adam ended up coming with me. Adam sat on Alan's lap during the ultrasound, and was interested in the ultrasound. It probably would have been too much to bring both little hoodlums though :P

According to the ultrasound, Olivia is measuring perfectly! She was 2 lbs 10 ozs, which was the 43rd percentile. We got a good shot of her girl parts, and I am now convinced she is a girl! I had my doubts before because I really couldn't see. All of her organs are working great, yay! They also took my thyroid level again. I am supposed to go back for a monthly growth ultrasound (which I don't think I really need, but it is nice to see her)

Olivia's face. She looks a lot different than the boys already!

She has been kicking and moving a lot inside me, but she seems to move less when the boys are around. So Adam & Matthew haven't gotten to feel her move :( It is probably a protective instinct, the cats also either freeze or run away from the boys :P

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