Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Ready for Olivia (Including learning to sew!)

26 Weeks


Preparing the Nursery: Within a week of learning we were having a baby girl, we had our nursery fully painted. I was so impatient to get some girly colors in our house! (We had a nice 3 day weekend after our ultrasound, so that helped.) We used dark purple on two walls, and light pink on two walls, and I love the way it turned out. Alan did a great job (I was not allowed in.)

Alan hard at work
This is how we make our names official. Buy/paint the letters and hang them up. No going back now!

Diaper changing area (Homemade hair band/bow holder hung on wall -- another Pinterest idea)
The closet with a second hanging rod and some organization.
Learning to Sew: Something about the girl pregnang hormones made me really, really want to sew some things for my baby girl. It was probably also partly that she didn't have much of anything as far as clothes/blankets/burp cloths/etc in girly colors. I kept some of the neutral colors from the boys' stuff, but that wasn't doing it for me. So I bought a  Brother XL2600I sewing machine (supposed to be really easy to use, exactly what I was looking for) for my birthday! Plus fabric of course.
The day my sewing machine arrived I made a pillowcase dress, two burp cloths and a fitted crib sheet:

Next I made this cute little pink "peasant dress".

And this halter top dress.

Also I've made several receiving blankets, more burp cloths, and two bibs. I am becoming slightly addicted to it, it is a lot of fun! Of course after the baby comes, I don't see having much time for this after Olivia is born, so I am learning what I can now. Yay for the internet for free patterns/tutorials :) Sewing has become my time to focus on Olivia. Most of my other time time is of course spent focusing on the boys requiring my attention on the outside :)


Anne Prado said...

Oh I'm SO happy to find a happy, upbeat blog on a third pregnancy! I'm expecting #3 as well and most of the time just find blogs that sound pessimistic about it, like going "oh well, this is hard news to swallow, but I guess there's no turning back..." :) Actually it's hard to find blogs on third pregnancies at all! What's up with that?? Anyway, THANK YOU for yours. Congrats on your girl! The room looks adorable, and so do you!

Krystal said...

Aww, congrats on your third pregnancy! Our was definitely planned, and we were hoping for a girl, so we are excited. Technically it is our second pregnancy since we had our twins first! Good luck on baby #3!

Anne Prado said...

Oh right lol - but still, it's your 3rd kid! :) I thought I'd freak out more about having 3 kids but it feels so exciting to know our family's growing (and most likely complete). Are you guys done?

Linda said...

So sweet. The pieces you made are great! I remember when I was pregnant with our twins, making things for the nursery and arranging their new stuff made me so happy and peaceful. Congratulations!