Thursday, April 11, 2013


The boys have had these tricycles for over a year, but couldn't get the hang of them until this last week. Adam learned a few days ago, and Matthew picked it up just yesterday. They ride around the tiled kitchen/entry way saying "fuunn!" We decided to let them pedal themselves to our neighborhood park this afternoon :)

 They were very dedicated.

The only problem was the hill just before the park. Matthew went full speed down, and Adam stopped every few feet to slow down. It made me a little nervous! It was also really hard to get back up, especially since Matthew didn't want ANY help. (Since he's all grown up now :P)

Adam in yellow. Matthew in blue.

When they are having so much fun learning new skills, it makes me feel better about having another baby in a couple of months. It makes me think maybe we will be okay. Nothing scares me more than multiple babies at one time... but this time, it will just be one baby, and two "big boys" :)

Matthew had so much fun it was hard to get him inside. He threw a fit, but was disciplined for it. Everyone was in a good mood and worn out for bed time!

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Linda @ said...

How cute! My twins are 3-1/2 and just now getting the hang of pedaling. Planning to surprise my husband with a bike for Father's Day so we can all go cycling together.