Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So... the bad part about living in tornado alley?


Adam woke up from his nap about 2 hours early screaming today. I went in there to comfort him, trying to tell him it was just a little bit of rain, and not to be scared. But then I heard the sirens. The tornado sirens have a way of making me just a little panicky. I grabbed my laptop and checked the weather map long enough to see we were right in the middle of that "red" dangerous area, and there was a report of a tornado on the ground very. close. to. us. I grabbed the sniffling Adam, and his sleeping brother and together we hid out in the bath tub. I went back to grab Adam's mattress just in case. I got in the tub with the boys, and they just thought it was a party. They were smiling, laughing, and cuddling with me in that "I am still a little sleepy, but this is different and exciting" way. I brought the laptop with me and turned it on the live weather updates on our local channel. Yikes, tornado touchdowns in several areas very. close. to. us! (Within 1/2 mile.) We hid out until the all clear was given by the weather guy.

We are all okay and so are all of our friends and family. Tornadoes touched down all over the area all afternoon... it was a little surreal. Thankfully there were not too many injuries, and no deaths that I have heard of. Which is amazing considering how many touchdowns there were.

Thankful for God's protection today!


Shelly Cunningham said...

How scary! I'm so glad you are okay!

The Guddats said...

Yes, thankful to hear you are safe!

Krystal said...

Thank you both! :)