Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two cool toddlers

Small miracle this morning. The boys are excited about the word "poopie". They now associate it with diaper changes. When I saw "poopie" the boys actually point to their diapers, and sometimes also point at the diaper changing station. And here comes the miracle part: if all of this pointing happens, they don't squirm for the entire change. No movement at all! Also means I don't have to chase them down :P Downside: "Poopie" and "puppy" are interchangeable words to Adam... at least we are cat people around here ;)

Another realization this morning: Building a play set in the backyard can be somewhat straightforward (although not exactly easy, we have discovered). But building a play set in the back yard, in the rain AND with two 19 month old "helpers"? Definitely
not straightforward. More like a morning adventure that wore us all out. But it was kind of fun. At least I can blame any discrepancies on the toddler hired hands :)

Love this pic /\

(These pictures were taken at an earlier stage of construction, on a day when Alan was home.. but you get the idea)

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