Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Cloth Diapers

I think overnight I may have developed a slight obsession with cloth diapers. I almost want to have another kid just so I can get all the accessories I want. Clothes line, indoor dryer rack, diaper sprayer, wool covers for overnight, more diapers of different brands, etc etc etc. :)

I'm probably done with my cloth diapering purchases though. My boys are going to be 20 months in a few days, which puts then 4 months shy of 2 years. Which means, technically, they could be potty trained soon! (I think they will be late trainers though.. they don't care at all about dirty or wet diapers).

I got 3 Smartipants and a wet bag as my final cloth diapering purchases. So now I have a total of 5 diapers.

Of the two (Smartipants and Gdiapers) Smartipants are definitely my favorite. They are very Very easy to use, soft on the boys' skin and they fit my almost 2 year olds better (they are a bigger diaper). The Gdiapers are slightly cuter though.They are just the diaper (with a pocket) and an insert.
The pocket that holds the insert is open on both ends, which makes stuffing really easy.

There are lots of snaps for different sizes.

My favorite part is the insert agitates out in the wash. So for a wet diaper, you just have to throw the whole thing in the wet bag. Just as easy as changing a disposable. For a dirty, just rinse and put in the wet bag. No digging the insert out, unsnapping the liner or worrying about putting velcro back together.

So, so easy. Wish I could order a ton of these and not have to wash diapers so often. But maybe next time.. ;)

Alan does not understand my interest in cloth diapers, but I am having fun experimenting. Feels good to wash instead of throw away.


Elesha said...

I totally understand ur obsession, because I have it too. In my free time I look up cloth diaper accessories and different patterns for the diapers etc. I always feel so great when I put Carson in his cloth diapers. I tell Chris how many disposables we saved during the day when he comes home, and I find myself so very proud when I tell him.

Are u going to get one more so u have an even number?

Anonymous said...

Ha love the last comment about getting another to have even numbers I'd just have to do that! I've read your blog from beginning to end over the last 24 hours as I am to find myself in the same situation. Wife, mother (of twins) and a student nurse and was interested to read it all but maybe you could write more about work and married life as well? I'm only asking for purely selfish reasons so please don't be offended :)

Krystal said...

Wow, "anonymous", I am flattered you read my whole blog in one day. I really do intend to write more about marriage and work, but it seems like when I actually sit down to write, I always want to say something about the boys ;) It is hard to write about work because everything is confidential, but I will try to find non confidential topics ;). I really do want to write more about marriage... stay tuned.