Monday, July 26, 2010

33 Week Doctor Appt

  • 33.6 Weeks
  • Still measuring 36 weeks. (I think my uterus is higher on the left side than on the left.. so when they measure down the middle it's not completely accurate. Just my thoughts :p)
  • I am 1.5cm dilated!! I know you can stay at 1-2 cm for weeks (which I'm hoping is the case), but this dilatiion really makes it seem like the birth is coming up fast. Also the babies are very low.
  • When a doctor tells you they are going to "gently" check your cervix, "gently" is a very subjecive term.
  • I half jokingly asked my doctor if this could mean I would be 6cm by tonight. She said no, but that it would be nice if I were 6cm at my next appointment! (Which is a week from today.) I was thinking, "Wait! I thought our goal was at least 36 weeks??" What I said was, "I'd like to go a little further than that." She said, "we'll see." Thanks for the vote of confidence ;) She said her last patient that was as small as me with twins had them at 34 weeks, and (after I asked) she said it seemed like her smaller patients did deliver earlier. So really these babies could come anytime, even as early as next week! (I still think they will hang in there though)
  • My blood pressure is still good.
  • My next ultrasound is Monday. Can't wait to see if they are still growing well in there! (And if Mr. "A" is still head down)
  • Weight gain: 42 pounds.

Other ThoughtS:

  • It is definitely getting harder to move around. It's usually painful when I go from sitting to standing due to the pelvic pressure. It's also painful when I flip from my right to left side at night, or when I get up to use the restroom at night.
  • These boys are wearing me out! I am tired all the time! Whenever I feel energy, I take advantage of it to clean the house & make sure we are ready for babies. Yesterday I organized our closet so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. I also set up a changing table in our bedroom, and made room for their pack 'n plays in our room. Then I packed the diaper bag.. not sure why I thought that was necessary. Then I was completely worn out. Today my two big activities were cleaning the kitchen and going to the doctor. And I am worn out again.
  • We still need to find a pediatrician. I should probably get working on that.
  • This should be my last week of work!! (If all goes well). I requested PTO for the first two weeks of August. I'm pretty sure it has been approved, but I'm not 100% certain. I'm really not sure I can physically keep working after this week if it doesn't get approved :(
  • My belly gets into all sorts of strange shapes when the babies move.. it is so funny for Alan & me to watch.
  • I am really excited to meet my boys & bring them home with me!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are a trooper! I am so proud of you for carrying those babies so long and for working so long, too! Wow! I can't wait to see these sweet boys soon! Hang in there! It's almost over!

Martie said...

Can't you tell the babies to wait until August 13th? Jk
You're doing great! Thanks for the updates.
love ya!