Monday, July 19, 2010

32 Week Sono/Appt

First a few pictures to show my size:
I got two maraschino cherries, one for each baby. This was at a 50's murder mystery dinner party last Saturday night.
Alan and I in character :) I'm a former homecoming queen and he is a jock/quarterback.
I this this picture is hilarious because it looks like I'm trying to turn to face Alan, but my stomach got stuck :)
So now that you know how big I am this week, here are the stats from my ultrasound last Friday & my OB appt today.
32 Weeks
Measuring 36 Weeks (not sure why it's less than last week, but my doctor wasn't concerned)
Baby A weighs: 4 pounds 8 ounces
Baby B weighs: 3 pounds 13 ounces
That is a 14% size discordance. They get concerned when the size difference is more than 25%, so I am having another ultrasound in 2 weeks to follow up on their growth. (She was originally going to have me wait 3 weeks for my next sono.) Hopefully they will both grow well between now and then!

My weight: Well that's just depressing. I've gained about 40 pounds already :(

Baby A is head down and below Baby B. He is pushing Baby B's feet away from his face, just like he was doing in my last sono. They are fighting already!! If he stays in this head down position, I can have a vaginal delivery. (My OB's rate of vag vs c-section for twins is 80% vaginal. That's really good!)

Baby B is transverse, laying above Baby A. (And kicking him, lol)
Work Status:
So I ask every week if I can get a note to get me out of work. Still didn't get a note today, lol. Stil no medical reason. I am trying to get canceled about once a week though. When I told me OB that, she said that was good practice :) I just get soo tired.
Delivery Info:
Today I asked what my chances were of getting my doctor at delivery. She said she tries really hard to deliver her own twins, and that she has delivered all of her own twins except one set in the last 10 years. Those twins apparantly "fell out" since they were the mom's 4th and 5th children.
Hmm, I think that is all of the new information. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it! These babies will be here before we know it.


Ellen said...

They sure will be here before we know it! I'm not ready yet, but I bet you are!
My baby's having two babies! I hope they keep growing well and not too "disparately"!!!

Love all of you,

Elesha said...

you don't look like you've gain 40 lbs at all! i show your pics to girls at my work and they always say they can't believe your carrying twins you don't look like you've gained weight (besides your belly that is). your beautiful, always have been always will be. : )

Martie said...
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Martie said...

Krystal is still in there somewhere. (:

Even in black your cute belly is huge! But like I had said earlier, you are all babies!

We are all almost as anxious as the two of you are-or should I say, the four of you.

Ellen said...

I am patiently waiting for your update after you saw the doc today! Love you!