Wednesday, May 19, 2010

24 Week Doctor Appointment

Two heads, and they are facing each other! So cute.

3 different hands :)

3 days before the appointment at a friend's baby shower.
  • My new due date is September 7th, so today I am already 24 weeks 1 day. We are viable!
  • I had my second ultrasound today. The twins are both head down & facing each other. So adorable!! They are now calling the baby on the right Twin A because he is further down. Twin B's head is right at Twin A's chest. We got a picture of their hands overlapping, it is so cute. Both babies are between 1-1.5 pounds, and the tech said everything looked good. They both have their own sac, but as far as the ultrasound showed.. they only have one placenta. Which means they are most likely identical. :-o The reason they don't know for sure is because I didn't have an early ultrasound. At this point in my pregnancy the placentas could have fused even if they started out separate. Also the placenta is towards the back of my uterus... maybe that's why I can feel them kick so well already :)
  • The tech said they are definitely both boys. I guess they are just that manly.
  • We will be watching for a complication called Twin to Twin Transfusion, which is where the twins get nutrition unproportionally. So one grows slower or even stops growing. This is only seen in identical twins. I think everything will be fine though :)
  • My cervical length is good.
  • Weight gain: 19 pounds
  • Fundal height: 26cm
  • My OB said I was hiding the twins well :) And her advice was to keep growing just like I am. She said if I do, then I shouldn't feel too bad during this pregnancy.
  • Right twin's HB: 141. Left twin's HB: 137. (I call them left & right twins now, because the twin that was A last time is now B.. so I'm all confused, lol)


Ellen said...

I'm so thankful you are "growing them well". Is that left/right as from your vantage point -- I suppose so.

Our world is expanding!!!

Krystal said...

Yes, left/right from my vantage point :)

Elesha said...

Wow so awesome! You look wonderful and it's so cite to read the updates! Love you guys!

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