Saturday, May 1, 2010

21 Week Update

(Me in my work scrubs)

Baby Movement: The babies are getting stronger. I think I felt them from the outside 3 times in the past few days. Mainly I just feel stronger nudges/flutters from the inside than I did before. A lot of the movement is on my left side.. which is where baby "A" is hanging out. I dunno if he is more active than baby "B" or if it's just his position in there.

Weight: Gained 12.5 pounds so far. Maternity clothes that seemed huge just a few weeks ago now fit me quite nicely.

Appetite: Noticed an increase in appetite especially from week 17 on. Now that I know there's two, I've been really trying not to skip meals & concentrating even more on drinking as much water as I can. I really really want to carry these babies for as long as possible (being a NICU nurse I know every week counts... and we see so many twins that it makes me nervous), so I am trying to eat good food & keep myself hydrated.

Energy Level: Not too bad. Definitely improved from the first trimester, although I still get worn out faster than pre-pregnancy. Also trying to get some exercise.. but to rest when I'm tired.

People's reactions: Definitely more people staring at my stomach as I pass. I feel like I'm getting bigger every single day. Also I get two completely different reactions when I tell people I'm having twins. 1) "Really? But you're so tiny" or 2) "I knew you were popping out really fast!" So I really don't know which one it is! It may just depend on what I wear.

Doctor: I was being seen my a group of midwives that delivers at the hospital where I work. However, when they found out it was twins, they kicked me out! (I would have gone with a doctor anyway... just because of the higher risk of complications with two... but they didn't even let me make the choice, lol). I chose a doctor... but it has been a huge pain getting the midwife office to send over my medical records & to get an appointment. Yesterday the doctor's office FINALLY called saying the received the records & made an appointment with me. But I was not at home & didn't have a calendar in front of me. So I'm not sure now if they appointment is this coming week or 3 weeks from now (which I would not like.. I haven't been seen since I got the news). So I am calling them on Monday to double check.

Baby Supplies/Nursery: We decided on a nursery theme & colors (the boys will be sharing a room). Alan has almost finished painting. We are doing a dark chocolate brown on the bottom 1/3 & a baby blue on the top 2/3. :) Our theme is going to be "Safari Team" from Babies r Us. It's four different animals.. and each of them has a different sports ball they carry (football, basketball, soccer, and baseball). It is really adorable. So far we just bought the lamp & some sheets of the set, but we registered for the rest of it. Our baby registry is almost complete now, woo hoo! :) Yesterday I got some used stuff from a friend of mine's mom. So we now have a double stroller, a swing, a bouncy seat, a highchair, and a crib. I gave the crib to my mom so she will have a place to put at least one baby :)

Also I forgot to mention this on my last post... but the babies weighed 10 oz. each at my 19 week ultrasound. The tech said I was "growing them well." Also she said everything looked good health-wise.

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