Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Kittens are adorable and bring a lot of joy. They can also bring some stress. We adopted an Orange Tabby male kitten at 5 weeks old (who had been rescued from a local shelter) about 2 months ago. He is such a cute kitten:
We discovered over the next few days that he not only was adorable and playful, but he never got tired of playing. He has endless energy, and he likes to bite. And he has sharp teeth (which became sharper as he got older). We discipline him when he bites, but we decided for the boundless energy, he needed a new kitty friend to play with. Well, I think I was a little more for the new kitten idea than Alan, but he agreed Hobbes needed something to calm him down, and I thought we couldn't give him as much play time as he needed since we both work.

So we adopted Lucy this weekend (When Hobbes was 12 weeks old). We chose Lucy by her good looks and her calm personality. She is 9 weeks old, but she was the runt of her litter, so she is the same size Hobbes was at 5 weeks. She melted in our arms when we held her:

Well Lucy has been a great kitten so far. She loves to cuddle with us when we watch TV and knead her paws in our clothes. We tried to introduce Hobbes and Lucy to each other slowly by letting the sniff each other through our carrier, and then supervising them while they "played" together.
Well, Hobbes has turned out to be a bully and has been attacking little Lucy :(
Hobbes the Bully: Innocent Lucy is inside:
So we aren't exactly sure how to handle the situation. We are trying to give them some time together without allowing Hobbes to hurt Lucy. Since I didn't have to work today, they've been together almost all day, and I am trying to spray Hobbes with water when he starts a fight. In a perfect world, they will become best friends any day now ;)

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