Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 Months

 Miss Oliva Ruth is 5 months old today.

Some of her new tricks include rolling from back to front, sitting in the "tripod position" by herself and trying really, really hard to use words like the rest of us. (She makes all kinds of interested noises. Like she's really trying to form a word, but doesn't quite know how. We call her our little zombie :P) I have a feeling she will be a young talker.

Also we moved her to her own room about a week ago. I miss having her right there beside us in the pack n play, but she was starting to wake up/get upset when we would turn the TV on at night, so she is probably happier now. And we don't have to tip toe around. We have a video monitor in her room, so I can see exactly what she's doing :)

She wakes up about twice a night, and sleeps in until about 8:30. She goes to sleep around 8pm, but only takes about one longer nap and one short nap per day.

She melts our hearts every day. Mom, Dad and her brothers love her so much!

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