Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Preschool at Home

So we are contemplating homeschooling the boys. We haven't made any final decisions, except that we are going to do preschool at home. I have been having fun with it, and it is so rewarding to watch the boys learn and enjoy our "preschool" time. Sometimes we just call it our "activity" time.

I have found a lot of printable activities and ideas that I like at the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. (All of the activities my kids are doing below are from that site.)

And recently I have found some nice printables at this site.

Olivia usually hangs out on a blanket or bouncy chair next to us, or we do preschool while she's asleep.

The main activities we do are:

Do-a-Dot markers (use markers to stamp a letter/number shape or to find a specific letter on a worksheet)
Magnets (Make shapes, count numbers)
Some freehand writing (They can write A, M, H, T and O... and probably others, on demand)
Cutting shapes/designs/freestyle with scissors
ABC's and 123's (They know their ABC letters and sounds, and can count to 20. We are working on having them identify the number 1-20..which is why all the activities below are number oriented.)

We usually do their preschool activities on the days we stay home and don't go anywhere. I really love having something ready for them to work on, since I was running out of activities for us to do together. With the added bonus that they are learning fine motor schools and letter/numbers/shapes,etc.

We also try to go to story time at the library at least once a week, (Love story time!) and check out books for us to read throughout the week. Our other favorite (educational) destinations are the zoo and the museum. We have a season pass to the children's museum, and we are going to see their new Curious George exhibit later this week!


Anonymous said...

Oh I will let you get the experience and hope you will educate me when I want to do that. I try to prepare David and some friends to support home school. We will see... So great what you are doing! hugs miria

Katelyn said...

I am homeschooling my twin girls for preschool too! I am doing it with a couple of other mama's, just once a week, so I only have to come up with a lesson once a month, essentially. it's been a ton of fun. We want to homeschool too.

Katelyn said...

Oh and you should think about linking up at How do you do it?'s link party! http://hdydi.com/2013/12/09/parenting-link-up-2/ :)

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