Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When you want to call CPS on yourself..

So the last few nights we have been struggling with the boys getting out of bed after we put them down for the night. This is a new struggle for us, since they have been doing really really well in this area for a long time.

Well tonight, we didn't hear any noise from the bedroom, and after cleaning up the kitchen I started reading a book in bed, with no noise coming from the monitor. Ahhh, finally the boys were back on track.

Felt good.

Until Alan came in the room and turned on the baby monitor....Oops. And not only was it off, but the boys had unplugged in in their room. Uh oh.

So I went in there to check on them, still not hearing any noise. I opened their door, and still no noise. But they weren't in bed. I didn't see them in the room either. But I did see the curtain was bulging a little.

Behind the curtain AND the blinds, on TOP of the window sill, stood two little boys. BUTT naked from the waist down. For the entire world to see as they drove past. (It was storming, which probably made them want to look out the window...) Oh seeing those two little bums, breaking so many rules, and imagining someone driving past seeing two naked little boys.... it made me want to laugh, cry and call CPS on myself all at the same time!

Oh the joys of parenthood!


Shelly Cunningham said...

Oh I don't miss sleep training! I will tell you it gets easier, and the hard work now will pay off. Logan & Jack are four and a half now, and we kiss their little heads, walk out the door and are DONE. We do not see them again until their light turns green in the morning, barring sickness or potty needs. It is awesome. You'll get there!

Krystal said...

Shelly, we were there! I don't know why they are going backwards!!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!!!!! I know it probably wasn't funny at the time- but what a great story!!!

DoubleTheLove! said...

Hehe, well look at the bright side, you could have found poop smeared all over their room and them! That is still a regular occurrence in our household and mine are 3 1/2 :(

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