Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Alan and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the third straight year.

The first year may not have counted, since I was working, and the boys were so young (and I was so busy with them), that the Grandparents made all the food! 

So this was the second year I hosted :)

I stressed about the house being perfect, about the turkey being perfect, about the table settings and seating assignments being perfect. Alan asked what I was so worried about, and I said, "It's Thanksgiving, your favorite holiday, I just want everything to be perfect!"

In the end (after lots of cleaning, scrubbing and baking) it all worked out. The house was clean, the turkey was tender, the company was great, and the food everyone brought was amazing!

This year I am Thankful for:
  • Alan, and all he does for our family, and for me :)
  • My oldest son, Adam
  • My youngest son, Matthew
  • Having twins. It has been a blessing watching them interact, and not having to wait until a younger sibling became old enough to play. They had a built in playmate from the begininng. The twin relationship has also taught them how to share. They understand taking turns (one of their favorite words is, "turn?"), and both of them have a very giving heart. I can't even give Adam two M&M's for peeing in the potty anymore, because he always runs and gives one to Matthew! <3 each="each" give="give" i="i" li="li" of="of" one="one" ow="ow" them="them">
  • My parents
  • Alan's parents
  • My brother & sister-in-law living in the area, with their newborn son (who will hopefully become a good playmate to our boys!)
  • My younger brother. Even though he lives far away, I am thankful we still have a relationship, and are able to video chat/regular chat online.
  • Our home
  • Alan's job, that enables us to provide for our family
  • The flexibility of my PRN job as a Nurse. It allows me to have a job and make some income, without leaving my boys very often (just once a week).
  • Also thankful I have been able to work so many Sundays lately, so Alan is able to watch the boys. That way we don't overtax the Grandparents/can use them for date nights ;)
  • Electricity....we take so many things for granted, but our lives would be so much different/less comfortable without electricity!
  • The ability to travel (as a family, and as a couple)
  • My extended family: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Family is great :)
  • My church family
  • Our ability to host Thanksgiving with both sides of the family
  • So much more!!!
  • Matthew after completing his Hand Turkey the night before Thanksgiving. (Don't look, but you can see the kitchen was nowhere near clean the night before)
    Two years of Hand Turkeys (Adam's turkeys on the left, Matthew's on the right). Now a proud tradition!
  • Alan and Daniel (my brother) playing tether ball Thanksgiving morning.
    The park was so beautiful. It really felt and looked like Fall.
    The little boys are a little close to the game.... No toddler injuries thankfully...
    ....Just some adult injuries. Here is Matthew kissing Uncle Daniels' "boo boo"
Love this picture! Matthew is in green, Adam in red. Little cousin in blue :)
Adam in the fire pit ;)
Matthew exploring nature 
My second ever turkey
Table 1
Table 2. We hosted 14 adults and 3 kids, including our family
This is a family friend that is also Alan's chiropracter. Alan sees her about once a week, and we bring the boys along. This time, the tables are turned, and Matthew is working on her back. So cute!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!


Shelly Cunningham said...

I noticed I can't see all of your pictures. :(

Thought this might help:
From your dashboard click on Template
Then lick on Customize (in orange)
Then you can choose Adjust Widths to make your blog wider to accommodate your larger pictures.

Love the cute pics of your boys!!!

Shelly Cunningham said...

*click on Customize!
oops! :)

Krystal said...

Thank you! I think it's fixed now.

uneggsplained said...

I love how your boys share- so sweet :) I am hoping my boys have the same type of relationship that your boys share. At the moment, I do not seem much tenderness or kindness towards eachother.... perhaps in time!