Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Boys are 2!!

2 years ago I was in the hospital, have the world's easiest labor and delivery for twins. (Minus the five pokes with the huge epidural needle). Then I gave birth to the most gorgeous 5 pound babies and didn't sleep for 6 months.:) And now, somehow, they are 2!

This past year has flown by. I literally saw the boys changing from babies to little kids. It was most obvious when I worked. I would come home and think, "these boys were not that big last night!"
For the day of their birthday, my parents and I took them for a trial class at The Little Gym (I will try to add a few pics later when I get them from my parents). They had a blast playing on all the toddler gymnastic equipment. Adam was able to talk to his brother in Austria, and we all had dinner with the extended family that night.The boys got a wagon from the grandparents.
 Along with these cool cards that played fun songs when they were opened.

 We had their birthday on a farm:
 Where they fed chicken, pigs, and goats with their friends:

 Then we ate pizza, veggies & cake
 I was pretty happy with my barn cake & chicks. The other fondant farm animals I bought from
The boys were ready to dig in

This picture shows all the kids that came

We officially 2 two year olds! Please pray for patience for us ;)
We had a great birthday weekend. We taught the boys how old they were, and they would say "twooo" and hold up their hand and sometimes put their first two fingers together, because they could not hold up just two fingers.

They are the sweetest little 2 year olds ever. If someone gets hurt, they will come over and kiss you. They say please, and sorry. (And try to say thank you). They give lots of spontaneous hugs & kisses. They have gotten a lot better at sharing and taking turns. Also if they hurt each other in any way, we have them make up for it by having them hug each other, which they are always willing to do & it dissipates the anger :)

Of course they are definitely becoming more independent. They want to strap themselves into the car seat, put on their own shoes, and attempt to put on their clothes. (Which usually results in two legs in one leg opening, or their shirt being pulled up like shorts). 

They moved to big boy, forward facing car seats about a week before their birthday because they had outgrown the rear facing. They are in toddler beds. They tell us when they have dirty diapers. They want to sit on the potty (although they don't consistently actually produce anything when they sit there). I feel like this new year had already brought, and will continue to bring a lot of changes! We are hanging on tight!

(In other news, Alan and I took TWO trips alone this summer. Blog post on those later)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your lovely boys!

Flor said...

Krystal, happy birthday to your wonderful boys! They are so adorable! I love to read your posts! And as my mom say, when its the baby´s birthday, it´s also time to congratulate the mom: so... congratulations Krystal! Maria Flor ( from the blog FELICITARIUM )

Harcourt Baron said...

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Keep it up; keep posting more n more n more.