Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Highlights from Today

Today my kiddos woke up an hour early from their nap, screaming. I ran in there to see what the problem was, (I think Matthew woke up and scared Adam awake) and they both wanted to cuddle. So I sat on the futon and let them each have a side of me. At first Adam actually screamed harder because he wanted me to himself (and he was still tired), which Matthew just cuddled on one side quietly (which is rare for a long length of time.. my boys do not have time to cuddle, too busy! Eventually Adam came and hugged,me and they both fell back asleep on each side of me. It was absolutely precious. Tto have both of them cuddled so close, asleep, just made my heart so full <3 :=":" but="but" didn="didn" done="done" get="get" i="i" list="list" memory="memory" my="my" nap="nap" p="p" t="t" this="this" to-do="to-do" treasure="treasure" whole="whole" will="will">~~
Also in other news today, I told Matthew the "potty wanted his pee pee and poo poo", so he proceeded to poop in Adam's potty, get up, and then pee in his potty. I guess he didn't want to leave any potties out :) (We are in the early stages of potty training )
I was incredibly tired today, (and our grocery shopping trip this morning was not the smoothest.. mostly because I bought some big items, so there wasn't much room for the boys to be contained in the cart!) but they know exactly how to make Mommy's day <3 p="p">

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