Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It is 10pm and I just got back from work 10 minutes ago. I was there since 6:45 am. I got one 15 minute break.

We are switching to computer charting, and this was my first "live" shift. Wowsers :-o My head hurts.

My hubby was in bed when I left and when I got home. So were my kids. I basically live to give my kiddos cuddles before bedtime (it is one of my favorite times with them), and to cuddle up with my husband before I go to bed. So it was sad that he was already sleeping. I knew the boys would be in bed. Hopefully they will forgive me for not seeing them at all today.

They want me to work again tomorrow. They are really short, so I feel guilty. If I didn't have kids, I would have said yes in a heartbeat, but tomorrow I am going to cuddle with my boys, and see my hubby a little as well! :)


Elesha said...

I think it's great that u said no, and I know how hard that must have been, but u did the right thing. Family is so important. Big hugs super mom

Anonymous said...

Ahh- what a long day! Good job at saying no- I agree family is way more important. Computer charting is so darn time consuming! Good luck learning this new way to chart.

Dee said...

Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean! I worked 16hrs the day before yesterday and it takes me 45 min to get TO work and 30 min to get back (because of when I get off) and holy heck it was a VERY long day!!! And my kids too were asleep when I left and when I got home - but I had to grab my sleeping kiddo who then woke up and looked at me and said "mommy, you comea home" awwww it melted my heart! Glad to hear that you wrote about work... it's interesting to hear about other nurses' work... and in Canada today is the last day of nurses' week - HAPPY Canadian nurses's week!!!