Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Twin Connection - Nap time/Bedtime

The boys used to nap in the same crib a lot; but I have always put them to bed at night in separate cribs. When they were little I was worried about SIDS, and as they got older they started crawling over each other and I stopped even having them nap together. Their cribs are right beside each other, so they "talk" and laugh as they go to sleep and wake up. I have always struggled with knowing what the boys wanted -- whether they preferred the closeness with their twin, or if they wanted their own space. I just didn't know, but they didn't seem to mind sleeping in separate cribs, and they just moved so much!

In the past few days though, something interesting has happened. Adam has been requesting to sleep in Matthew's crib. Usually we say, "are you ready to go in your crib" right before we put them down. We ask them, because they always start pointing to their crib when we say this. The last few days, Adam has started pointing to Matthew's crib before nap time and bedtime. I have let them nap together twice this week.

Today at nap time. Adam in orange.

Today at bedtime, when Adam realized we were going to put him in his own crib instead of Matthew's, he had a meltdown. Crying, tears. And he kept pointing at Matthew's bed (Matthew was happily in his bed at this point).  This is the first time Alan had seem this, and he was hesitant to have them sleep in the same crib for the entire night. But we finally decided to go ahead and let them; he so obviously wanted to be with his brother. As soon as we put him in the crib with his brother, he got a huge grin.

Then they looked at each other, smiled and laughed. We told them goodnight and shut the door, and we heard tons of giggles.

I had to check on them a few times because the sounds were so cute. When I first peeked in, Adam and Matthew started playing peek a boo at me through the bars of their cribs. The next time I peeked in, they were both laying down next to each other, looking and smiling at each other. It was seriously adorable.

This is the first time they have really shown a preference to sleep close to each other. I have been worried they wouldn't be close because they seemed to fight more than play. As they are getting closer to 2, they seem to be getting less "selfish" and actually enjoying their twin. :)


Alan and I just checked on the boys, and they were asleep, laying right beside each other (unlike the above picture). I love that they have each other. Now I worry about having a singleton in the future. Will he/she be lonely??


Elesha said...

Awwwwww how adorable! I love reading about your bedtime routine, because we still have to rock Carson. Has Matthew ever asked to go into Adams crib to sleep? By the way love the cloth diapers and matching shirts :)

Krystal said...

Yeah, even their butts are color coded ;) So far it has just been Adam asking to go in to Matthew's crib. But Matthew doesn't seem to mind :P

Anonymous said...

Aww so precious! I can't wait until my boys show affection towards each other. So sweet!

the mom daze said...

We have a similar thing going on here. Mimi will only finish her meal if her chair is turned toward her sister's. She has to be facing her. They have trays attached to their seats so I just turn them toward each other. Eva could care less, it seems. But Mimi insists. She was baby B and born a minute earlier. I think it's funny how she sometimes acts like the little sis.

On The Way said...

I just discovered your blog because we both came up under the same search terms "it doesn't get easier it just gets different".
I just wanted to stop by and say "how beautiful is your family!?!" I love your blog and will be keeping up in future.
Thank you to you and your boys for giving me a smile today.
Take care and have a great weekend.