Thursday, December 22, 2011

16 Months - What the Kids are Doing Now

I think we may be getting to the age where having twins, in SOME ways, is easier than having singletons two years apart or so. If I just had one right now, I would definitely be wanting to get pregnant to give my child a playmate, but Adam & Matthew already have each other, and they don't have to wait for a new baby to get old enough to play with them. Of course they are still fighting with each other and stealing. But no more biting (at least none that I haven't been able to stop).

Here are some adorable things the kiddos are doing:
  • I have been playing "peek a boo" with them with the shower curtain for a while (which
  • they love), but now they are playing back. They will pull the curtain back and say "ahhh" and they laugh like crazy when I pretend to be scared.
  • During bath time they also love to play with the water coming out of the faucet!
  • Finding random places to sit, and then carefully backing up and sitting down.(Our laps, steps, random objects, etc.) Very cute!
    (Matthew on left, Adam on right)

  • In the mornings and after their nap, the boys are usually very content to just entertain each other until I come and get them. I try to sneak in quietly to watch them, but as soon as I open the door, they go from looking at each other between the bars of their cribs, to turning/walking towards me with the biggest smiles on their faces.
    (Adam in front, Matthew in back)
  • At bed time (not always nap time), when I pick them up to cuddle before putting them in their cribs for the night, both boys now point to their cribs, then themselves, then their cribs, and repeat until I put them in. They are ready for their rest!
  • They are saying "uh oh" every time they drop something, which, coincidentally, is quite
    often these days!
  • They are (still) reading books to themselves using a made up language :)
  • They are more in tune to each other's cries. If I put one twin in time out, his brother will go up to the closed door, and look at me with a very concerned look. Also if one gets hurt, it can make the other twin cry too. (Or if they think an adult has gotten hurt.)
  • They can identify their nose, ears, and feet. Also they can be sent on little errands like, "Adam, go bring me your shoes." Love putting them to work :)
  • Occasionally they do something so similarly it is crazy. They other day I had to get one of our cats out of their room during their nap, and I went in, and they were both sleeping in almost they exact position (different cribs).

(Adam.. please ignore the different colored socks. I was very tired, the laundry was in the dryer and his feet were cold. So of course they chose this moment to do something cute! :P)

Coming up in my next few blogs.... how my boys are doing without breastfeeding, and how they are doing at the Kid Zone in the YMCA while I work out (I spy on them to see who they are playing with before I pick them up :P)

Stay tuned....

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uneggsplained said...

Love your updates! Does it really take 16 months before it is 'easier' to have twins than a singleton? I was hoping that it was earlier :)
I love to hear how they interact-- my boys have maybe just started to notice each other.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas- your boys are such a fun age to enjoy Christmas!