Monday, August 8, 2011

Poopgate the Trilogy

The Original

One Monday morning, I awoke to the sounds of Adam & Matthew "talking" to each other & playing in their cribs. This is how I wake up most mornings, and since they sound pretty happy most of the time, I tend to squeeze in 10-15 minutes more of lazy time/cuddle time before going in to their room.

Alan had watched them on Sunday for the first time while I worked, and he had even put them to bed before I got home, so he was excited for me to see the babies again. And no doubt to tell him what a fabulous job he did, since the babies were still happy, breathing, etc. He used formula before before putting the babies to bed since I was out of breast milk in the freezer. He had actually gone to the store & bought some because the babies were acting so tired. He had given them 8 oz each, since they had sucked down their 6 oz of breast milk all day.

Back to Monday morning, 10-15 min later I got out of bed & went toward the nursery. With Alan following me, ready for his praise. "You haven't seen them for over a day!" he said. "I put them to bed before you got home!" he exclaimed proudly, "Do you miss them?" We opened the door together, and just looked in horror for a minute.


Poop everywhere! In both cribs, on the rails, on Adam & Matthew's hands, their bodies, their faces. Most disturbingly, right by their lips. And Matthew was smacking his lips like he had just finished Thanksgiving dinner.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.

"How could it be this bad?" Alan asked.

"I don't think it was just the formula." I said, "It was the amount of formula." My "girls" may have grown, but they have never had 8 oz of milk in them, ever, I can almost guarantee that.

Alan helped me put the boys in the tub, then just about danced out the door for work (it was time for him to go), leaving both cribs for me to clean.

Later chat between me & Alan:

July 18
9:36 AM Alan: were you able to combat poopgate?

20 minutes
9:56 AM me: haha
the battle of poopgate is complete.. the war for the nap is about to begin..
9:58 AM but yeah I wiped off all the bars and everything
9:59 AM the sheets are currently drying
10:00 AM Alan: cool
and lucy didn't try to spread the madness?
10:01 AM me: nope the door was closed
And so the term "poopgate" was coined. (Lucy is one of our cats)

Poopgate the Sequel:

After naptime, I thought I heard the babies wake up, but then no noise for about 30 minutes. 30 minutes! I assumed they had gone back to sleep. When I heard another noise 30 minutes later, I went in to their room to find:


Poop everywhere!

Adam's diaper was off, and both boys were playing in the poop. I think I saw some lips smacking. I refused to think that this could have possibly been going on for 30 minutes. (We really need a video monitor.)

Later email from Krystal to Alan:

July 21
Poopgate the sequel just occurred, even more exciting than the original.

Poopgate 3

That would be this morning. The monitor was turned down so low, I didn't hear the babies wake up. (Who turned it down will remain nameless.) When I woke up at 7:30am, I looked at the monitor, and the red lights were indicating noise, but I heard nothing.

Uh oh.

I turned it up, and the boys weren't happily playing, they were crying. I rushed to their room to find...


Poop everywhere!!


Only in Adam's crib, but his diaper was off, and there was no poop IN his diaper, but there was plenty on the sheets, on the rails, on Adam's fingers & face. Into the bath he went.

Later chat between me & Alan:

Aug 8
Alan: were you able to clear out poopgate 3?
Sent at 10:06 AM on Monday
me: yep
not pretty at all
the diaper actually had no poop in it at all
Sent at 10:38 AM on Monday
Alan: lol
Sent at 10:44 AM on Monday
me: lol
I am actually writing a blog now about the poopgate trilogy
Sent at 10:49 AM on Monday
Alan: possible quadrilogy?

I would like to think not, but probably much, much more to come...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have no words! I have heard other horror stories about this stuff happening...I am so sorry and i hope you find a solution asap! Are they sleeping with clothes on, too??

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! I am sure if i was the one cleaning it up, i probably would not find it so humorous. Your stories remind me of what we have to look forward to. I can not wait!

Unknown said...

ahhhhh wow that is amazing. your amazing to have such a great attitude about the whole thing!!!

Elesha said...

lol unknown was me fyi

Krystal said...

Tricia - They have been sleeping with just their diapers. That could be our answer right there! We put shorts on them before they went to bed tonight. We will keep doing that & see if it stops :) Please, please work :)

Uneggsplaned - It was a little humorous. I am glad that my stories are not dampering your excitement :)

Elesha - Let me know if Carson does this to you :p