Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute Things My Kids Do

  • When Adam is done nursing before bedtime, he often rolls right off the nursing pillow, flipping onto his tummy on the way down, and falls asleep right there on the futon. He did this tonight tonight, and I couldn't help chuckling :)
  • At mealtimes now, I am being offered chunks of food from two little babies at the same time. Both are smiling, just waiting for me to take a bite of their food. But which one to choose first??
  • Love when I am sitting, and one of the boys crawls over to me and positions himself so he is on my lap & cuddling me ::)
  • Matthew imitates my fake high pitched "scream". Yeah, I taught him to scream like a girl.. but he is the cutest little man with his high pitched squeal :)
  • When I am cooling off some food for the boys by blowing on it, both kids are also trying as hard as they can to cool off the air in front of them :) It is sooo cute.
In other news:
  • Adam just got over nearly a week of feeling crummy. He already had a cold, but then he got his 1 year shots & got a fever for 2.5 days. Then he recovered from his fever, but developed a rash that lasted a few days. :( The fever he gets after all his shots (but usually just for 12-24 hrs), but the rash was from the MMR shot we feel. He felt better about a day after the rash disappeared. This was the first time he's really been sick, and it was tough. could not put him down, he was a permanent hip attachment Matthew proceeded to destroy the house, he felt a little too good :)
  • Now that everyone is recovered, I have found myself amazed during the times when both of them play on the floor without needing much from me. It has made me much more appreciative of their good behavior when it happens :)


uneggsplained said...

Your boys sound so darn cute! I love reading your posts- they give me so much to look forward too!
I have yet to have my babies get sick- so not looking forward to that.
Glad your little man is feeling better.

Hannah said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! I have 6 week old identical twin boys too and they are so fun and adorable. Life with twins is so much richer! Glad I found your blog.... count me in as a regular reader (blogs are great to read when I am up nursing the boys all night!)

Krystal said...

Thanks for reading Hannah! I read people's complete blogs when I was breastfeeding 24/7. I also watched TV shows all the way through. It was a lot of hours sitting there nursing, but completely worth it :) Thanks for stopping by!