Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tandem Nursing

It's getting easier. Everything. Taking care of the babies without feeling overwhelmed, feeding the babies solids, nursing the babies at the same time.

I am at peace & enjoying tandem nursing. In fact, I actually prefer tandem nursing now to nursing just one baby at a time. Maybe it's because they are bigger & can latch themselves, maybe it's because I have finally figured out the perfect formula for success (two pillows behind my back, a blanket between the boys, and a fold-able chair where I place my laptop or book & that has the perfect support for my feet,), maybe it's because we are all so used to our little nursing spot in the nursery (the left half of the futon with a stand beside it where I place my food), or maybe it's because I feel so complete with both of my sons nursing so contently, touching my face, sticking their fingers in my mouth, and looking up at me with their tiny, bright hazel eyes.

Some of you may know, I had a very bad attitude about tandem nursing in the beginning. Now, I never wanted to nurse the boys' separately, I was already nursing 12 out of 24 hours in the beginning. But, I was bitter that I couldn't lie down and nurse, that I couldn't sit in the recliner and nurse, that I couldn't stand up while nursing. Well, I am OVER that. Tandem nursing is a huge blessing. It makes raising infant twins manageable. When they were tiny, I knew I at least had that weapon when all else failed, and it made both babies happen at once! It also became hands free pretty quickly.. around 2 or 3 months. I know tandem nursing saved my sanity, and I regret having a bad attitude about it. (Now, with triplets, it would be over!)

Above: Me with my Mother's Day breakfast Alan made me. I ate it as I tandem nursed.


Anonymous said...

This post is inspiring to me. My goal is to breastfeed, and I would love to be able to tandem nurse. I just feel a little overwhelmed by the entire concept. But you are living proof that it can be done- and that it does work!

Anonymous said...

Tandem nursing is when kids are nursing at different age but the same time you are just nursing twins.

Krystal said...

I actually found different definitions of the term, but you can breast feed twins separately or together. When you breast feed them together most people call it "tandem nursing" even when they are the same age. Otherwise you have to say "breastfeeding twins at the same time" which is a mouthful :P