Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Months & Best Friends (I hope!)

Matthew (blue) actually came up to Adam & gave him a hug, placing his hand on Adam's back & his head on Adam's shoulder! I got the picture just as he was turning to leave, but it looks like Adam is giving him a kiss! So cute!

Matthew crawling over Adam.
I guess Adam forgave him :)
As you can see, the boys have really started interacting more! Sometimes they will just be crawling around while I am getting stuff done, and I will hear random laughing. That is the BEST. I also will hear random crying now. That is usually when one twin has stolen something from his brother. The other day I gave each brother a carrot, left to do something and then heard a screeching cry. I hurried back in there, thinking someone had gotten hurt, and I saw Adam with one carrot in his mouth & one in his hand, and Matthew (crying) reaching out for his carrot. So the love/hate relationship has officially began.

Words the boys say:
"i do"

They are both cruising around on the furniture, and practice standing on their own for short periods.

Love my 10 month olds!

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