Monday, February 28, 2011

(Grocery) Shopping Chronicles

With two babies, you have to be creative in how you shop, if you are going to dare attempt it on your own ;) I think I have tried just about every way you can imagine to take both babies shopping.

  • Both babies in cart (Only works for smaller trips... as you can see, not much room for groceries. Picture taken about a month ago):
  • Both babies in stroller, momma carrying a shopping basket (Easiest to set up, but only for very short trips)
  • One baby in Moby Wrap, one baby in top seat area of cart
  • One baby in Moby Wrap, one baby in bottom area of cart (Still not a ton of room for groceries, but I feel like the car seat is more stable. Poor Adam is buried under groceries, but he doesn't mind. Picture taken today.):
I just had to snap pictures of these funny moments.

When I see moms with three (or more) kids, with some/all of them mobile, I just watch and wonder how they do it!!

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