Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shower - 29 Weeks

A family friend hosted my baby shower last Sunday. It was a wonderful time. It was great seeing so many people excited about the babies :) There were 26 guests, and they all signed both baby books, so the babies will both get a copy when they get older :)

Me with the gorgeous spread, including the amazing diaper cake, fruit kabobs, cake, vegies, and mini cheesecake pieces. Very yummy.

The very creative fruit bowl that my mom made. Aren't the little orange babies adorable?

Opening up some presents. Lori on the far right (with the red dress) made the beautiful diaper cake!

My mom and me with presents everywhere!
I included this one because it's a good side shot @ 29 weeks. Just ignore my expression please!
Now I am having fun getting everything organized in the nursey (& bathroom for the bath stuff). I wish I could get everything together faster, but I get tired so fast, and I have to save some energy for working. But everything is coming together :)
On a side note, there is no longer any "innie" to my belly button. But I still don't think it's quite an outie, except for the top flap that is sticking out, lol.

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Elesha said...

looks like you got a ton of gifts : ) can't wait to see pics of everything set up : ) love your shirt by the way.