Monday, June 21, 2010

28 Week Ultrasound & OB Appointment

Alan and I. 28 Weeks. An unposed shot, but the best sideview I have at 28 weeks.
Here are the stats from today's appointment:

Baby A weighs: 3 pounds!!

Baby B weights: 2 pounds 12 ounches!

They are huge. The average weight of a 28 weeker is 2 pounds 4 ounces. Mine are about the size of 30 weekers.

The amniotic fluid level for the twins is the best level my ultrasound tech had seen in a while, she told me. She says for twins she's been seeing 9 and 10 (which is the lower end of normal). My twins had levels of 14 and 18. Yikes! No wonder I look like I'm 40 weeks pregnant.

The twins are no longer positioned in the nice perfect head down position they were at 24 weeks. Both babies are diagnal/transverse. Baby A's head is tilted down (on the left side of my body) with his body toward the right side of my rib cage. Baby B is kind of on top of him, but he is tilted head up. He is flexed so that his head and his feet are both close to my rib cage. (On my right side). No wonder I have been so confused about who is kicking when. Also, I've been feeling a lot more movement on my right side than on my left. No wonder, since all of the feet are on my right side!

My weight gain: 31 pounds

Fundal Height: 34 cm

Still no change to my cervix :)

My doctor said everything looks great, and I should go to at least 36 weeks. She wants to see me back in a week though, because "it's twins". I don't mind, since my appointments are when I'm reassured everything is ok :)


Ellen said...

Krystal, I really enjoyed catching up by reading all your blogs since June 8. It is wonderful you are progressing so well in your pregnancy. We will keep praying for our little grandsons and their parents :-) Can't wait to see them and hold them. But I need to go get ready for them now! Love you so much! -- Mom

Elesha said...

i too have absolutely loved reading your blog : ) its just wonderful that everything is going sooooo well! we keep ya'll in our prayers, and can't wait to see more pics and than pics of them when they arrive : )


Krystal said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying the blog! I'm hoping it will be a nice record of my pregnancy that I can look back on in the future :)

Kashif Javed said...

I think that ultrasound should be 4D ultrasounds