Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Hearts and Days are Full!

We have been keeping busy, and I like it. I think we need a lot of activities in our week to keep these active kiddos happy and Mommy sane ;) But, I also love, love relaxing family time. 

Here is what our weeks are looking like: (Although we are on a break from Classical Conversations until January.)

Sundays - Breakfast @ Cracker Barrel at 8:15, then the boys go over to Alan's parents for a while. Lots of cleaning done.

Mondays- Usually free. Schedule misc. appointments. Try to squeeze in some quality pre-school time :)

Tuesdays - Classical Conversations (for the boys, but I take Olivia too). Followed by playground time with the group. Then sometimes the boys were going to my parents' in the afternoon.

Wednesdays - Playgroups every other Wednesday morning, nap time (or quiet time), then grocery Shopping (Double discount Wednesdays @ Sprouts. Woot woot!)

Thursdays - I have been trying not to schedule anything on Thursdays so we can enjoy Alan's work from home day together. I absolutely love Alan working from home! (Every 3rd Thursday we go as a family to Alan's chiropracter - Also a family friend.)

Fridays - "Sporties for Shorties" (they do a different sport every week) followed by playground time.

Saturday - Relax in the morning (sometimes take a nap during Olivia's nap time while the boys watch a show). Then, church in the afternoon.

So, most of our activities are in the morning, then nap/quiet time, then getting dinner ready/cleaning house/dinner & family time in the evening when Alan gets home.

Also, mornings (except Saturday) I do a 30 minute beach body workout with the boys (Or sometimes later in the day if I can't fit it in early.) I have finally lost alll of my baby weight. (I never lost it after the boys!) After the kids go to bed I get my quiet time in. I can't manage to get quiet time in in the morning, because the kids get up too early for me! (6:30) Then usually Alan and I watch a show together before bed <3 p="">

Family time is my favorite. Here are some pics from tonight:

 Usually in the evening after dinner (while I clean up), the kids sit on Alan's lap and watch him play Mario or Donkey Kong on the Wii U. Olivia actually starts hitting the chair to let him know it's time to sit down. Olivia will be 18 months tomorrow. She is getting so big. I'll write an 18 month post on her tomorrow (hopefully :P)
 I had to take pictures, it is too adorable when they all sit on Daddy's lap.
 Tonight they were actually watching Football.

The boys were getting tired & cuddling with Daddy. Time for bed.. :)

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