Monday, June 3, 2013

Final Stretch

36 Weeks
 At my 37 week, 6 day ultrasound, Olivia weighed 6 lbs 10 ozs, which is only the 38th percentile (previously she had been measuring 47th and 46th percentiles). The doctor didn't seem to mind, and that weight is 100% fine with me. I always assumed I would grow a small to average sized baby. And I really don't want to push a 10 pounder out! We got some good pictures of her face, toes and fingers. (5 fingers and toes, for the record. Yay!)
37 Weeks
Since hitting 38 weeks, I have started to really focus on when Olivia is going to get here, and how I will know I am going into labor. Every pain or symptom warrants a trip to the internet to see if labor is imminent. I usually get the same answer.... my body is preparing for labor; it could be days or weeks. Thanks a lot internet; I guess I should know that labor is "close" since I'll be 39 weeks in 2 days. I just want to know exactly how close ;) And exactly how I will feel as it's happening to me :) (Having the twins didn't help with this part... I never had to wait for them. I went to my 36 week doctor appointment, was told I was in labor & was sent to L&D, then delivered about 12 hours later. I wasn't feeling all of my contractions, only about 1/3 of them.)
38 Weeks
 Today was my last scheduled day of work. I was having contractions (some painful) all throughout the day. But then I have been having painful contractions for weeks now, so I don't think much of them. But having to wait until a contraction passes to stand up is not always fun at work. Thankfully (although I was exahusted by the end of the day) my coworkers are soo nice when I am pregnant. I still loved to cuddle with my boys before we put them to bed though. They are the sweetest sons I could ask for. They do try my patience often, and between them & my pregnancy... it is extremely hard to keep the house clean. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I type this I am having another painful contraction. I hope all of these contractions are making something happen! I have them daily, but never consistently. Now I just need to figure out if I should go back to work PRN or quit after my maternity leave??
38 Week belly - wow!


The Guddats said...

You look great and definitely all belly. Looking forward to seeing the big announcement regarding the arrival of your little girl!

Z said...

congrats! :)
I have twin boys too.