Friday, May 10, 2013

35 Weeks with Olivia (Singleton vs. Twin Pregnancy)

Weight Gain so far: 18 lbs.  If my weight gain stays on track I should gain about 23 pounds this pregnancy. I gained 50 last pregnancy!

Comfort Level:  I am WAY less uncomfortable than when I was pregnant with twins. I had to take off work at 34 weeks during the twin pregnancy because it hurt to stand up and hurt to walk. I was doing cares on the babies sitting in a rolling chair instead of standing up (especially the ones in the isolettes). I am now a little over 35 weeks, and I worked a 12 hour shift today. It was exhausting, but I wasn't uncomfortable at all. Of course I still have 5 weeks to get bigger, but hopefully I won't be giving birth to a 10+ pound baby, so I should still be smaller! I think it would have been way harder to have a singleton first, and then take care of that one while being pregnant with twins!

On the other hand, I do miss sleeping in, especially after my 12 hour shifts. Looking back on my blog, I am reminded that I could sleep in until noon after I worked. Ohh, those were the days :) Sometimes we just take the mornings a little slower, and then I am usually okay. At least until Alan gets home.. :)

Kicks: A lot of people have asked me if I feel less movement with this pregnancy since there's "only one". Actually I feel MORE. And the kicks sometimes knock the breath out of me, and are more painful than the boys' movements ever were. I think there are 2 reasons for this. She has more room to really get those kicks and punches ready, and she doesn't have anyone else to kick besides Mommy. Matthew would kick Adam in the head (while Adam would put his hands up to defend himself). I saw this on several different ultrasounds, and it made me sad :( This time, all the kicking is aimed at Mom! She has a favorite spot to kick on my right lower side. My mom actually said that is where I liked to "elbow" her as well when she was pregnant with me.

Doctor's Appointments: Olivia has consistently measured about 2 weeks behind on the fundal measurements. But on her ultrasounds she has been right at 46-47th percentile for size. (I get monthly ultrasounds because of my hypothyroidism, which I got after the boys were born.) So I think she is growing perfectly! About a month ago by T4 level came back low, although my TSH level was fine, so they increased my armour thyroid from 30mg to 60mg.

It has been a concern that she was transverse, and then that she may be breech at my last appointment (They were not sure if that was her head or butt sticking up). However after they scared me about the breech thing, I had an ultrasound right after that, and she was actually head down! Yay! Hopefully she stays that way! She also had her legs completely stretched into my right side. Her knees weren't bent at all.. little stinker.

Other thoughts: I get the comment, "I bet you're so ready for her to be here!" Yes and no. This is the last baby we plan to have, so this is my last 4.5 weeks of pregnancy EVER. I don't want to wish it away. I also know how much work babies are on the outside, so even though I am really excited to meet my daughter, I am enjoying the last few weeks of our family of 4.. I am not so uncomfortable that she has to come out right now. Also my hubby and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week. 2 days completely kid free! Alan has all but threatened me not to give birth before this :) As my due date gets closer though, I am getting more and more excited to meet our daughter!

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Shelly Cunningham said...

It's so nice you are enjoying your pregnancy. And that you are going to have the chance to get away for a few days just the two of you!

I found my singleton pregnancy a lot easier than the twin pregnancy as well. Especially bending over!