Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Day! 12-25-12

Stinker #1 (Matthew)
Stinker #1 (Adam)

I was actually at work for the boys second experience with snow ever. The first was when they were 5 months old. Alan did a great job getting the boys out in it though!
Daddy with his boys
Since it has been in the 80's recently, Alan had to dig out all the winter gear. He couldn't find gloves, so the boys used socks for gloves.
The next morning (after I spent the night at the hospital to avoid the icy roads), I got out with the boys, and we built a tiny snowman with the snow that hadn't melted yet. (They decided to take off their gloves towards the end). It was so so cold outside!!
And for comparison.. here is the boys first and only snow day before this one. 5 months old. 2-5-11.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they love the snow- how fun! Spending the night at the hospital! Dosen't sound fun :( I love your previous post about how your boys say baby to everything little- that is super cute.