Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My favorite thing about Motherhood

The cuddles!

Last night as we were putting the boys to bed, Adam was being extra cuddly because he had hurt himself at the playground that evening. I was hugging him, and his arms were wrapped tightly around my neck (while Daddy was changing his diaper....:P). Matthew, being jealous, started hugging my back (I love it when they do this.. seriously sweet). Then a little Matthew face squeezed underneath my arm, "Yo!" he said. This is how he says hello. I wanted to melt from all the cuteness. (My love language is physical touch and quality time, so I especially love family cuddles).
Later Alan went to check on Adam and this is how he found the boys :)
You can see Adam's bump/scratches :(
For the record, my least favorite thing is the whining x2. (Make it stop!)


Elesha said...

Awwww that melts my heart! They are so,sweet!!! Sorry to hear about Adams face. Poor thing! Poor momma! I love how they sleep, so adorable. I love how Adam is taking up like all the space and Matthew is on the edge. Ha ha ha I wonder if that's how it was in the womb too.

Krystal said...

Actually, in the womb it was the opposite. I used to feel so bad for Adam cuz he was squashed at the bottom, and Matthew was all spread out.. and kicking Adam in the face! :(

Elesha said...

Lol I just noticed that Matthew is using Adams arm as a pillow! That's so cute and awesome! Poor Adams arm must have been hurtin after a bit though lol.

Elesha said...

Looks like Adam is making up for that time in the womb ;)