Tuesday, November 22, 2011

15 Months


Adam: 22 lbs, 1.5 oz.
31.5 inches

Matthew: 21 lbs, 13.5 oz
31 inches

They are catching up in their percentiles! Matthew is a little smaller than Adam because of his week long illness where he wouldn't eat or drink much except breast milk. The doctor found some old fluid in Matthew's ear, so he did have an ear infection.


I have taught the boys a few sings. (Please, All Done, and Nurse) I am not going too crazy with it (mainly because I haven't taught myself very many, I do love the concept of it though). My favorite sign in "please". I say, "say please," and Adam vigorously pats his right hand on his chest, while Matthew barely taps his chest. It is so adorable. Adam especially loves to "say please" even when I don't ask him, if he sees something he wants. One morning the first thing he did after standing up in his crib was immediately do the "please" sign. The hardest part is just trying to figure out what it is they want though. I suppose that would be where more signs would come in handy ;).

Adam saying "please":


Boom (pronounced boo) - just Matthew

Animal noises:
Baabaa - just Adam

Cute things they do:

Run away and laugh, but always look back to make sure I am following them.
On the bed or couch, they fling themselves on to their stomachs and laugh, because we often play with them by (gently) knocking them over (on to a soft surface).
Play in the mud outside, and then try to hand it to me like it is the best present in the world.
(Matthew in blue, Adam in green)
Imitate us so well. We showed Adam how to tap on our scale and then step on to take his weight. He immediately was jabbing that scale as hard as he could over and over with his foot. Then eventually he stepped on :)
Make anything into a phone. ANYTHING. Just by holding an object up to their ear and saying, "eh?"
Make car noises while wheeling their toy cars on the floor.

Approx Schedule:

Yep we still have our trusty schedule. Yay for schedules!

7:00 - Wake up/Nurse
7:30 - Breakfast
10:45 - Lunch, sippy cup of milk
11:30 - Nurse/Nap (trying to wean off this nursing time)
2:00 - Wake/Snack
5:30 - Dinner, sippy cup of milk
7:00 - Bath, story time
7:30 - Nurse/Bed time

Physical milestones:

Starting to run
Can climb up the stairs and go down the slide in our backyard by themselves
Starting to use a spoon and fork

Challenges of 15 month old Twins:

This may apply to all siblings, but my boys do NOT share well. They bite, shove and cry when their twin takes a toy, threatens to take a toy, or has a toy they want.

15 months, as much as I love this age with it's new found independence for both toddlers and mommy, can still be a very needy age. It can still be overwhelming having two sets of hands reaching up and two boys saying "mama, mama". To them they are still the center of the universe, and they don't always realize they have a brother Mom needs to take care of too. A brother with the same needs, and at the same stage of development.

Telling them apart can be a challenge sometimes! I feel so bad and worry that I am going to mess them up (as in not treat them as individuals) when I momentarily get them confused.

Advantages/the Fun Part of having 15 month old Twins:

In the morning and after naps, they are always "talking to each other" when they wake up. They are facing each other through the rails and making noises and laughing. Once they hardly acknowledged my presence when I came in; they just continued playing. Too cute.

When I send the kiddos outside to play, I often find them playing in the sand box together, or climbing their small gym outside. They spontaneously laugh at each other (actually more so when I am not around, but spying on them through the window :P).

Having twice the hugs and cuddles :)

And of course, they always have a built in buddy.

By the way, 15 months is my favorite age so far :)

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Alyce said...

I just found your blog and I love it! My boy/girl twins are the same age as yours, so it's fun comparing what's going on with yours and mine. I agree with your pros and cons of having twins. Double the trouble and double the blessings!