Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few of Our Recent Adventures

Today we took the boys to Six Flags for the first time. Alan's company paid for it; we would not have invested in a Six Flags trip with two 13 month olds otherwise ;)

We bought little back pack leashes so the boys could have some freedom. It helped me not to worry about them so much, but I think they frustrated Adam & Matthew because they didn't understand what was stopping them from walking further than they wanted.

They got quite a few looks as they pushed their own stroller down the walkways though:

We only rode the carousel and a little kiddie train. Six Flags is not very baby-friendly we decided. Also I finally appreciate what people mean when they say twins go in opposite directions.

Speaking of pushing strollers, here is Adam at Target actually pushing the shopping cart on his own (as far as we would let him). Matthew is up top directing.

And here are a few pics from the day the boys started walking exclusively (Sep. 15). We were at a spray park:
Yep things have really gotten interesting since little Adam & Matthew started walking :)

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