Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sleeping babies are a wonderful thing :) And something we definitely struggled with for months. I am happy to report that nap time & bed time are no longer a struggle, woo hoo!

The key for us was finding a good routine. I finally had Alan burn a CD of lullaby music. I play that every nap time/ bed time, read them a book, and massage their whole bodies when they are laying down in their crib. They seem to especially like the massage part :) We also used a combination of BabyWise/Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child to get their routine down.

They take two naps a day, around 10:30 and 3:30, about 1.5 hours each. Then they sleep from about 8:30pm to 7:30am.

Sleep was about the most stressful thing we dealt with for so long, and now that it is all resolved, I am almost stress free & loving being a Momma more than ever. Someday I might right a comprehensive post, but it took 10 months to get to exactly where I wanted to be with the whole sleeping thing, which is: going to sleep on their own without crying, taking 1-2 hour naps every time, and sleeping through the night. The last thing they figured out was the going to sleep without crying thing. (I gave up on that for a few months, and was taking them on a stroller ride every nap time, and nursing them to sleep at night.) I was scared how they would react when I tried to put them to bed awake again, but since I added the nice music/massage into their routine, they didn't have an issue.) Now that they have it down, I am much happier :) They sleep in separate cribs at night, but for nap times they sleep in the same crib:

They are pretty adorable sometimes :)
Did you sleep well, babies??

Our nap time massage. (The massage here suffered in quality due to me also taping ;)


uneggsplained said...

Your 2 little boys are adorable! I would love to read your comprehensive post about sleeping. I believe that I will need all the help/advice I can get.
Thanks for answering my questions about work....I really aprreciate it.

haili hunter said...

I was searching NICU nurse in google to find a photo for my blog and came across your blog instead! Your little boys are cuties. I was drawn to your blog for a few reasons.

I went into labor at just shy of 27 weeks, and our son spent 3 months in the NICU. He was born a bit bigger though than what he should have been at for his age. He was 2lbs 7oz. He's now 7 months old and healthy. He has no health issues or anything. We've been so blessed.

I'm going to school to become a NICU nurse. I'm currently just doing my generals wishing they were over. I initially wanted to go to school for pediatric nursing, but after having my son in the NICU I changed to Neonatal. I'm so excited!

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and I may just have to follow you. :)


Krystal said...

Thanks for stopping by :)I'm glad your son is doing so great! That must not have been easy the first few months, so that is wonderful. Good luck with your prerequisites!