Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I Can't Live Without (at 5 Months)

#6 - Jumper
The boys are just starting to like this, but I can tell the boys are going to love it more and more as they grow. Love Adam's expression in this picture.

#5 - Bumbo
The boys LOVE sitting in this bumbo, but only if it is where the action is! (Like on top of the counter when I am cooking or doing dishes). Here is Matthew chewing on his Pooh toy while mommy does chores.

#4 - Walker with belt attachment
This has been a lifesiver!! The boys are too short to move the walker on their own, but with a belt attached to the top, it becomes a "mobile command chair" that can be easily wheeled around the tile. Both of the boys LOVE it. I put the other twin in the Moby wrap, and I can entertain two fussy babies without killing my back or my arms. It is wonderful!

#3 - Moby Wrap
Probably one of the best things ever invented. With a little practice, baby can be easily held hands free. I can get chores done with this thing, and I can't tell you how much the babies love it. I can also take walks with a baby (if there is another person to hold the other), or use it in the grocery store. The one huge limitation though, is that I can only hold one baby like this. (Often combined with the above walker). Here is Adam in the Moby Wrap, showing off one of his preemie outfits to show how much he has grown.

#2 = Exersaucer
This one only beats the Moby Wrap it is virtually parent free :) This is THE favorite hangout spot for both babies (aside from mommies arms of course). I have been using this and the bumbo in the kitchen so I can cook. (I had seriously been lacking in the cooking department before this)

And the #1 thing I can not live without - Grandparents!!
If I am ever overwhelmed, I can almost always call a grandparent over to help me out. Here is grandpa entertaining both babies. So sweet!

Also I would not be able to do this without my husband, but this post is about when he is at work :)


Elesha said...

awwww love the #1 thing you can't do without : ) your boys are so adorable!

betsy said...

Hi Krystal!

I was trying to reach you via e-mail. Is there a good contact address for you?

(Alternately, you can reach me at betsyblog AT gmail dot com). Thanks so much!