Monday, May 11, 2009


I am exhausted today, but I feel like blogging. It has been a few months since my last update, but it feels like more because of all of the changes we've been through! Here are some of the highlights that have happened over the last few months (in rough order).

  • Someone broke into our apartment. They stole some money, checkbooks, passports and jewelry.
  • I had a stressful, emotional week at work that involved some tears on my part.
  • We started looking for a house before our apartment lease expired.
  • We chose and closed on a home.
  • Before we moved out, a fire destroyed a building in our apartment complex (our apartment was thankfully unharmed)
  • We moved into the new house.
  • Deep cleaned the apartment and turned in the keys.
  • Set up the new house! (Still finishing up decorating, and one of the guest bedrooms is still full of boxes... it's a work in progress!)
And finally, yesterday we had a Mother's Day Lunch for my mom and Alan's mom. We had my family over and Alan's parents.  We ate, talked, and played pool/ping-pong. It was great having everyone over, enjoying themselves. After yestday, then staying up late watching Survivor (guilty pleasure), and then getting up early and working 12+ hours today, I am exhausted. Tomorrow, it's work again, and then one day off to pack for our one year anniversary trip to Buffalo, NY/ Canada! 

So a busy few months in the life of the Orr's! 

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I just read your new blog.